Customized lines for spunbond and meltblown and composite

FARÈ manufactures complete spunbond, meltblown systems and composite with customized solutions for the production of nonwovens suitable to cover all market demand from hygienic to technical applications.



Spunbond Technology

What does it mean spunbond?

The wording is used to identify synthetic technical supports bonded mechanically, thermally or chemically which are produced by depositing continuous filaments in a random but uniform manner.

Process for Spunbond production

The polymer in the form of granules of virgin materials or, in case of polyester, in the form of flakes out of bottles recycling or other industrial products, is extruded through our equipment to form continuous filaments which are conditioned, drawn and deposited over a suitable moving surface (forming belt), creating a web. At the end of the process, the continuous filaments are bonded mechanically, thermally or chemically through equipment like needling machines, hydroentangling systems, smooth or engraved calenders, binder application systems.

Meltblown technology

What does it mean Meltblown?

It is a wording used to identify a nonwoven characterized by extremely thin filaments (few microns diameter).

Process for Meltblown production

Similarly to the spunbond process, the polymer is extruded and spun while the drawing step is made using high sped hot compressed air forming extremely thin filaments (fibrils) which are conditioned and collected over a suitable moving surface (forming belt) creating a web which can be optionally calendered.

Fields of application

Spunbond and meltblown fabrics are used in different sectors: