The Company. Tradition and Innovation

FARÈ was born in 1970 as a manufacturing company of non-woven plants.

The headquarter is located in Fagnano Olona within Lombardia, one of the most industrialized areas of EUROPE.

The company is well-known all over the world for its pioneering technology in the sector of production of artificial and synthetic fiber plants.

The company is known for its stable experience and its steady commitment to innovation, design and manufacture high-quality plants, complying with the highest efficiency production standards.

Customized technology, Italian design

More than 500 installations across the globe demonstrate our desire to suggest diversified technological solutions, all of which have a common ground: Italian design. The tailor-made service provided is supplemented by the assembling process carried out at the customer’s premises and by the personal training on the spot.


Ethic of excellence
We work and operate respecting for a Code of Ethics aimed to reach an excellent organization, a good standing and a better cohesion between technological innovation and security. The ethical values that we are committed to guarantee are the quality of our activity through efficiency, steady improvement of the plants supplied, the enhancement of the staff and the establishment of social and environmental responsibility.

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Farè S.p.A. - Code of Ethics

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The group power

FARÈ with FIL.VA and FARCON provides customers outstanding group synergies.

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Specialized in the latest and most sophisticated extrusion techniques for the production of monofilaments in PA , PP and PET mono o bi-component.


Manufactures extrusion dies used for the extrusion of plastics, in particular for meltblown and spunbond artificial fibers and technical flat die films


FARÈ SpA's synergies with FIL.VA and FARCON represent a considerable added value for customers as well as a know-how learning hub that can make a real difference in case of new applications and specific innovative processes.

mission and vision

Our mission
​The unconditioned mission of FARÈ SPA is to be the reference partner in the plants manufacturing sector for the production of synthetic fibers being able to generate competitive advantage for clients through reliable and innovative technologies, designed with experience and competence so the daily goal is to establish a long term commitment with customers fueling the innovation in synthetic fiber industry.


Our vision for the future
Becoming a first-choice supplier for artificial fiber industrial investors looking for an excellent solution through a high-quality process. Products and services are part of our long term vision together to increase sustainability through the development of technologies which permit to reduce the level of power consumption and technologies that facilitate the broad-scale usage of recycled plastic materials.


Foundation - the early years of a pioneering challenge.


Estabilishement of FILVA - Performances in manufacturing become substantial part of the know how transferred to Clients.


Fiftieth complete plant supplied.


Foundation of FARCON - dies are the pulsing technological heart of the process.


Introduction of the patented bicomponent technology - a brand new concept to improve stable fiber performance.


First steps into spunbond-meltblown technology.


New buildings - availability of mounting and testing of huge and complex lines.


Introduction of new patented SHPT (Spunbond High Performance Technology) - A brand new concept for high quality nonwovens.


Introduction of dryerless technology - sustainability concept as top priority in the business.


FARÈ Spa turnover track record – more than 50 Mil. Euro and also top figures of the Group (up to 100 Mil Euro).


New brand identity to boost the company awareness in the market.