The fabrics produced with the spunbond and meltblown systems and staple fiber are used in many industrial sectors: from medical and hygienic to automotive upholstery and for furnishings, from construction industry to agriculture, from packaging to electronics.


Below some examples of the sectors in which our customers operate and of the final products obtainable thanks to our production lines.

Agricolture and horticolture
Crop cover, frost protection, green house shading, mulching, hobby gardening, insect protection, root bag, weed control, seed blanket, capillary matting
Interiors (headliner, face fabric, dashboard insulation, carpets and flooring, seat backing, upholstery, spring covers, parcel shelf, separation layer for injection moulding components), Wheels housing, Acoustic insulation
Paddings, overcoats lining, collars, facings
Coating substrates
Synthetic leather carriers, primary and secondary carpet backings
Electric and Electronics
Cables wrapping, fuel cell, battery separators, insulating tape
Face masks
Medical/surgical, face type rigid, face type foldable
Air (ventilation and air conditioning, vacuum cleaners, cooker hoods, clean rooms), Liquids (food & beverage, water, blood, hydraulic), Automotive (air, oil, fuel, cabin air), Specialty (antimicrobial, biopharmaceutical, dust, odour)
Food and beverage
Food packaging, tea and coffee bags, absorbent pads
Shoelace eyelet reinforcement, inner reinforcement, toecaps, inner sole lining)
Geotextiles and civil engineering
Roads construction, railways, hydraulic works, soil stabilization, draing, landfills, filtration, sedimentation and erosion control
Quilt backing, blankets, pillow cases, curtains, table linen, dust covers, wipes, fabric softener sheets, abrasives, spring wrap, mattress pad components, arms/backs linings, stitch reinforcements and edge trim materials
Baby diapers, adult diapers, pads, adsorbents, cleaning wipes
Gowns, cowlings, shoecovers, hospital bed linens, single use garments
Transportation (sickbags, envelopes, bags, promotional materials), Protection (sterilization wrapping, electronic products, leather goods, cosmetics, bulk products), Others (luxury inner and outer packaging, laundry and dry-cleaning products, vacuum clean
Protective clothing
Chemical handling, decontamination of contaminated land, decommissioning of production plants, oil handling, oil tanker cleaning, hazardous waste clean-up
Roofing and Building
Thermal and acoustic insulation, walls covering, waterproofing membranes, vapour barriers, flooring substrates, foundations and soil stabilization, pipewrap